Introduction (14:22:21 | 08/03/2013)



ITECCO is short of Industry Technology Company, proudly presents the company foundation and development. Take the SOLIDARITY become STRENGTH for developing the company firmly. Our motto: “GATHERING RESOURCES, DEVELOPING THE FUTURE”

2009: Foundation of ITECCO

With Manpower were trained from domestic and oversea Technical & Technology University/ Academy, base on good knowledge, enthusiasm, ITECCO has been founded with desire to bring the advance technology from abroad to Vietnam and develop the Vietnam Foundry Industry

2010: Expand to cooperate with partners to develop the foundry factories.

We have cooperated with some others factories invested in manpower, equipments, technology for production.  We produced some Heavy-Duty Castings for Hydro-Power Plants, Cement Factories… in Vietnam, such as: Stable/ Motion Bearings of Radial Gate for Dam, Body of Heavy-Duty Machines, Toothed Wheel of Rotary Furnace of Cement Grinder,  others…

2011: Forwards to export the Castings products for oversea market.

In 2011, we continue to improve the professional skill of workers, machines, production lines to meet the oversea customer’s requirements.  We have got the orders for exporting, such as:  Castings & Machining Puli of Bridge D =3200mm for Swedish Customer, Casting Parts for Cement Projects of Loscher Company - Germany, Mass-produced Casting Products for Taiwan’s Market,…

2012: To continue co-operate/ associate.

Base on the achievements which we have obtained, some partners/ producers have co-operated and associated with ITECCO CO.,LTD with aim to develop the business together. So that, due to the short time of foundation, but with orientation and motto of Itecco’s management board is “SOLIDARITY IS STRENGTH”, now we have gathered a group of manufacturers, engineering, advance equipments and technology. Now, we trust that we can meet almost of requirements of both domestic and oversea customer’s requirements for Castings of Industry.