Castings for machine tools

We supply machine tool body meeting with different dimension. The range of weight is to dozens of tons. They are made from iron casting in our foundry.

Under strict control of carbon equivalent, phosphorus content, magnesia and rare earth in our smelting, the material performance can absolutely limit any shrinkage cavity and shrinkage porosity. Pouring temperature within at 1300~1350°C is in favor of iron feeding; Reasonable layout of deadhead & chiller guarantee consecutive solidification. There is a procedure for casting stress release completely through low temperature annealing; it keeps the bed structure steady and stable permanently, there will be none deformation and gash in machining, assembling and operating.

Iron casting inspection including:

Routine testing: Dimension, appearance, Surface visual, chemical analysis, mechanical properties;

Non destructive testing: UT, MPI, RT, PT, ET and vibration testing.

 The machine tool body we offered could be wildly used in boring-milling machine, numerical control machine, milling machine, horizontal machine center, Vertical Machining Center, turning center and etc.

We have extensive experience in producing machine tool body. Welcome sending drawings & inquiring, we will response promptly with competitive price.
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