Commitment to quality (13:42:40 | 08/03/2013)

Our mission becomes the casting products supplier of leading Viet Nam on international market, ITECCO always puts product quality on top. Therefore, ITECCO does not only develop quality management system with ISO 9001:2008 standard model  but also improve quality management systems with gaining actually experience with time.

Quality management system of ITECCO covering the whole of our main activities include:

•   The group of purchasing and sales process.

•   The group of management process to produce products

•   The group of project support process

•   The group of support process to operate

ITECCO committed to ensure the products and services quality through the application stage of the testing and quality assurance at multiple levels. Besides, we also use other support methods such as measure, monitor in progress and customizable project process.

Continuous improvement is the motto of  ITECCO about quality practice. Our Quality Control Board is responsible for continuous review and evaluation of current processes with business demands and the actual operation as well as having fully competent to identify and implement improvement’s initiatives. Our ultimate goal is to guarantee for ITECCO’s  products and services with the  best and most stable quality.